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So what can Coastal Case Management do for you?

Coastal Case Management is a case management company that helps assess the immediate needs of an individual that has suffered an accident or injury. Working under the rehabilitation code, our team provide many services to help provide the correct rehabilitation plan for whoever may need it. Our experienced Case Managers carry out Immediate Needs Assessments (INA’s) that help identify and prioritise individual needs. Our assessments are goal driven and detail orientated  to provide a clear journey  to satisfy an individual's rehabilitation needs.

Once identified, our Case Managers focus on a concise and structured plan to show that together we can achieve the goals that are required. The reports we provide aim to ensure that our client's recovery is at the centre of their journey. Our Case Managers use their vast wealth of experience and knowledge to achieve the best support for our clients on their way to an effective recovery following injury.

Here at Coastal Case Management, we offer more than just a case management service. With our in house, fully insured HR and payroll services,  we are able to support deputies and clients in the process of managing  support worker employment.


With our key focus at CCM being to aid and assist as much as we can in the rehabilitative process, we are proud to offer rehabilitation services to solicitors, other case managers and individual clients under our rehabilitation arm. Whether you're looking for private therapy sessions,  detailed physio assessments or second opinion work for one of your clients, find out how Coastal Case Management's rehabilitation service could help you. 


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