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Following a serious life changing injury, our team aim for our clients to have access to many resources to allow the best functional rehabilitation to take place. At Coastal Case Management we aim for our clients to return to the maximum level of independence and provide a rehabilitation programme that will maximise their functionality.

So how can Coastal Case Management improve your functionality?

As experienced Case Managers, we have been able to understand and provide solutions for many functional difficulties that our clients may have. With many problems being linked to physical limitations, our team often coordinate and organise specialist physiotherapists to perform land-based / hydro-based physiotherapy to allow your functionality to improve.

Can you only offer physical rehabilitation?

Although physical limitations can often restrict your functionality, our team focus on all aspects on to ensure that we maximise your rehabilitative journey. We will often instruct occupational therapists and other specialists to assess areas that your functionality can be improved. Functionality within the home and your mobility are often areas that can be improved on and our team have a wealth of experience in assisting with these matters.

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