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Following a serious accident or injury we sometimes find that an individual's property is no longer suitable for their needs. Whether it's minor adaptations or a complete refurbishment, CCM work in collaboration with architects, property finders and specialist accommodation OT's to assist in making any necessary modifications. We often help our clients identify what alterations will need to be made in their properties and go about actioning these as soon as possible to ensure our client's have a suitable and accessible home.


How can adaptations to my property support my rehabilitation?

Unfortunately following an accident or injury many people will experience a temporary or permanent change to their mobility. These changes in mobility could prevent our clients from accessing their household in a safe and functional way. With adaptations such as accessible bathrooms, stairlift installations and rise and fall kitchen surfaces our team identify the necessary modifications and look to get them actioned right away. 


So what kind of modifications can CCM help with?

At Coastal Case Management we have helped organise and facilitate  property adaptations for many of our clients. With all of our clients situations being different, there are various changes that might be suitable for you.


Check some of the many modifications we have helped with below.


Why choose CCM to help with property modifications?

Adapting properties to be suitable to our client's needs is something that our staff are very experienced in. We've dealt with everything from complete property refurbishments, to installing grab-rails in our client's home and we know what needs to be done to make your property both stylish but functional.

A bonus to using CCM for property adaptions is that we are able to put you in touch with many specialist tradesmen that have experience in accessible alterations. Our team review and compare many quotes to ensure that you get the highest quality service that satisfies your needs. 



Property Access 



What if my property is not suitable for modifications following my injury?

Sometimes the property that you live in doesn't have the capacity to be modified into a way that makes it more accessible following your injury. If we find that your property is not suitable for the adaptations required our team are more than happy to help find another suitable property that can accommodate or be adapted to your needs to aid your rehabilitation journey. 

For many of our clients we have assisted in locating properties that are much more suitable for their needs. Whether that's finding a property with the appropriate number of rooms to house a support worker or finding a property with a working lift to allow access to many levels our team always consider what's right for you. 

Check out our partnership with DG Coastal Holidays

DG Coastal Logo RGB.jpg

CCM have teamed up with DG Coastal Holidays and are able to offer a fully accessible property that can help our clients transition into accessible living. The beautifully modern apartment has helped many of our clients over the years and is ideal for anyone looking for a temporary stay at an accessible property.

For more information about DG Coastal Holidays and what they can offer, please give our offices a call or contact 


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