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Here at Coastal Case Management, our team has years of experience in managing support teams for our clients. Our extensive HR service ensures that we find the best support for you. We know that everyone has a different journey and our team are determined that the best support is put in place.

Find out how Coastal Case Management can help find the support that's right for you!


At Coastal Case Management our team can play a large part in helping organise and introduce support workers for people following life changing injuries.


Unfortunately following an accident or injury, it can sometimes be the case that an individual struggles to revert to their everyday routines without the correct support in place.  At Coastal Case Management we understand that having the correct support is vital in allowing an individual to rehabilitate effectively. We also understand that the recruitment process can be a scary and complicated task and are here to help.


It is for this reason that CCM are happy to help every step of the way. From employment adverts, to the interviewing process our team are experienced in recruiting support workers and we work closely with our clients to recruit the perfect candidate. With your help, our team creates the perfect advert to cater for your individual needs and ensure that every candidate is right for you. 

Our staff will then review and assess each individual CV and run the necessary background checks to ensure that when it comes to interviewing potential support workers, you are only presented with candidates that are right for you. 

Our recruitment service doesn't end there! Interviewing candidates is arguably the most daunting stage of the recruitment process for people employing support workers for the first time. It is important for you and the support worker to discuss the necessary aspects of support required. At CCM we accompany you throughout this interview process and ensure that the interview runs smoothly and assist you with any queries or questions.


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