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Our Case Managers have years of experience in assessing individuals following a serious accident or injury and can provide extremely detailed  immediate needs assessments (INA's) under the Rehabilitation Code of Best Practice. Our INA's are focused on assessing an individual's needs and composing a goal driven report to identify a plan that allows the injured party a structured rehabilitative journey.

Who needs an INA?

Following injury, many are unsure of how to go about starting their rehabilitation journey. Our team provide INA's for individuals that suffer with many different injuries. These INA's  help identify and assess the needs of the injured person. Whether your injury has occurred due to a RTA, an injury at work or medical negligence, CCM can help kickstart your rehabilitative journey no matter what the injury.

When can you expect our INA's?

We pride ourselves on the quality and detail of our immediate needs assessments as we understand it is key to identify our client's needs so that they receive structured support. We also understand that early intervention can achieve the best outcomes. For this reason, we focus on getting you a detailed report quickly to set your rehabilitation journey in motion.

We aim to have our INA's completed within three weeks from our initial visit.

What can you expect from our INA's?

At Coastal Case Management we provide immediate needs assessments that identify our client's needs and categorise their goals to ensure a structured and efficient service. Our INA's cover everything from ergonomic assessments and clinical care needs to vocational rehabilitation and required support. We ensure that our extensive reports cover every possible need so that you know you have a case management company that you can trust to do the best for you.

What happens next?

Once you have received our INA, we will seek agreement to implement the recommendations that we have made. Once agreed your rehabilitation and our case management can begin and our team will begin to action the specific needs identified within your INA. Our INA's are followed with regular summaries so that we can be sure that all your needs are considered regularly.

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