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Coastal Case Management Ltd

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What if I'm not ready to return to work?

Coastal Case Management believe that an early return to work or purposeful activities is important for your health and recovery. For this reason, we aim to facilitate your vocational goals to assist your recovery. 

We understand that there can sometimes be physical and psychological limitations to returning to work and our team focus on many different vocational goals to ensure that your recovery keeps moving forward.

What If I do not have any transferrable skills

What work can I do following my injury?

Sometimes following an injury, you may not be able to return to work as your injuries may inhibit you from performing the daily activities you were once able to do.


Our team arrange for a Vocational Specialist to visit and perform a detailed report which will help identify potential career paths based on your functional abilities, interests and transferrable skills.

We understand that following an injury you may not be able perform the same skills that you were once able to do.


Our team help identify new skills for you to learn and seek out training courses that offer vocational skills to be used in a new employment opportunity and in your day to day tasks. With driving courses, computer software programmes and further education plans being some of the vocational courses that we have helped clients with in the past, CCM can always find a vocational pathway for you.