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Case Management is a process of providing support for clients and their families following life changing incidents. Case Managers are HCPC registered and collaborate closely with the client providing their skilled input in order to asses the needs that are required .

Coastal Case Management has established a great reputation for providing clients with support at the highest level following injuries that could have been a result of an accident or clinical negligence. As Case Managers,  we aim to enable clients to reach the optimum level of functional capability through the co-ordination of rehabilitation services.


Often, the first step is one of our experienced Case Managers will meet with you for general introductions which will allow you to have discussions with your Case Manager as to their background and your expectations from them.  Following this initial meeting, your Case Manager will then carry out a clinical assessment to establish the necessary support needed and will provide an in-depth report that outlines both your short term and long term goals.

Immediate Needs Assessments

Vocational Support

Clinical Support

Functional Rehabilitation

Property Adaptions



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