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The Continuous Passive Motion Machine (CPM) is for hire to aid with the recovery of post-operative knee conditions.


The Ormed Artromot K1 Standard is a motorised continuous passive motion device for the knee and hip joint. The Ormed ARTROMOT-K1 combines the best features of the time-tested ARTROMOT knee machine with state-of-the-art, trend-setting technology. It was developed for the demanding use in clinics and home care/rental programs.


CPM therapy with ARTROMOT®-K1 classic is mainly used to prevent the negative effects of immobilization, to allow patients to regain painless mobility of joints at an early stage and to promote healing and achieve a positive functional result.

Our CPM Machine

Other objectives of therapy include:

  • improvement of joint metabolism.

  • prevention of joint stiffness

  • promotion of the regeneration and healing of cartilage and damaged ligaments.

  • faster hematoma/fluid resorption.

  • improved lymph and blood circulation.

  • thrombosis and embolism prophylaxis.

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